about me

Vernice (VER-neece); currently still a student & working part-time jobs. I have a thing for digital art, blogging & being creative when I’m inspired by random things in life. When I’m not bombarded with responsibilities of a college student or a young adult, I spend my time pc-gaming and being a blogn3rd. I particularly love playing MMORPG’s even though I don’t seem to have time for it anymore.”v.v”

[Adj’s] that describe me - nerd, homebody, neat-freak, clumsy, perfectionist, spontaneous. 

I love my dog Potato; he’s the sweetest & cutest dog ever.^^ I also enjoy exploring my creativity with things like: cooking/baking, photo editing, traveling, playing the piano & more. Other than that, I think I’m a pretty ordinary girl who is semi-addicted to tumblr ♥

THIS BLOGI’ve attempted to blog on several occasions but failed to keep them up to date. I usually get overwhelmed with priorities in life and feel too burnt out to blog. Hopefully Tumblr can make this blogging experience a convenient one for me because I’m loving it so far. <3

Thank you in advance to all those who like my Tumblr & follow me. 


Vampii & Nanaisreal <3